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YEPP, together with the European Youth Foundation, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and Konrad Adenaur Stiftung, successfully organised its first conference of 2017 in Rome, Italy.

YEPP events

Seminar Oslo 2001
Thursday,14/Jun/01 to Sunday,17/Jun/01
Board Meeting Amsterdam 2001
Friday,27/Apr/01 to Saturday,28/Apr/01
3rd Congress Vienna 2001
Thursday,05/Apr/01 to Sunday,08/Apr/01
Seminar Bilbao 2001
Saturday,24/Feb/01 to Sunday,25/Feb/01
Seminar Berlin 2001
Thursday,11/Jan/01 to Sunday,14/Jan/01
Seminar Helsinki 2000
Thursday,26/Oct/00 to Sunday,29/Oct/00
Summer School Tuscania 2000
Monday,24/Jul/00 to Saturday,29/Jul/00
Seminar Lisbon 2000
Friday,23/Jun/00 to Sunday,25/Jun/00
Seminar Dublin 2000
Thursday,08/Jun/00 to Sunday,11/Jun/00
1st Balkans Conference Sarajevo 2000
Thursday,16/Mar/00 to Sunday,19/Mar/00
Chairmen's Conference Athens 2000
Thursday,27/Jan/00 to Sunday,30/Jan/00
Seminar Budapest 1999
Thursday,09/Dec/99 to Sunday,12/Dec/99