YEPP gathered from 10-13 May 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden for its 6th YEPP Congress. A congress is the highest statutory body of YEPP and is only gathering each 2 years. Besides the congress, YEPP also celebrated its 10th Anniversary! It was therefore an honour that one of YEPP’s Founding Father, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, celebrated this event with us.
This congress was hosted by YEPP Full Members KDU and MUF.
This event was also a co-project with European People’s Party. YEPP was also be delighted to welcome EPP Chairman Wilfried Martens and other high-ranking persons to this extra-ordinary event.
This congress adopted a new political programme, as well as new statutes. Furthermore, internal elections were held
for a new YEPP president and a new Board. We also elected 2 financial auditors.