Dear friends,
Welcome to the new website of the Youth of the European People’s Party. Since its foundation in 1997, YEPP gradually became the biggest political organization for the European centre-right youth. It became a genuine meeting point for those committed to European integration and sharing our values: the rule of law, freedom, human dignity, preserving our traditions and the rejection of any kind of extremism.
YEPP provides continuous training for young centre-right activists, most of whom will play an active role in politics in the years to come. Within YEPP, young delegates also get to know the insights of EU decision making and the art of compromise. Besides this, YEPP is a well functioning network. It provides a permanent information flow in various political issues with special regard to best campaign practices.
Last, but not least, YEPP is a platform for policy making. We make our voice heard in most EU-related issues, especially when it comes to the interests of the youth. During the term of the current board, a special focus is being put on youth employment, economic governance, environment and human rights. We also take our share in fighting against political extremism within and beyond the European Union.
In order to represent our positions effectively, we actively take part in the work of the European People’s Party and keep contacts with all major EU institutions. These ties enable us to have our say in all major EU debates.
The new board grab all the opportunities to be the voice of the Youth, no matter which region of Europe they come from. We took up the job and rely on your support. So stay tuned,
Best regards,
Csaba Dömötör
President of YEPP