The presidents of the member organisations of the Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP) met in Bucharest on the 4th and 5th of October 2013 for the “Job Creation Youth Summit” and signed a declaration for job creation, based on the ‘3-step plan’ of YEPP. The leaders of the organisations committed to present national plans and strategies for job creation, contribute to YEPP’s parliamentary alliance for young MPs and suggest specific legislation to Ministers of their governments. The priorities of the alliance are tax incentives for job creators, skill-based education and zero bureaucracy for young entrepreneurs.
EU Commissioner Michel Barnier attended the Summit and expressed his full support for YEPP’s Jobs Plan while presenting to the presidents the priorities of the European Commission.
YEPP President, Konstantinos Kyranakis and YEPP Secretary General, Colm Lauder stated:
“We are creating the largest alliance in Europe for Jobs. By joining forces with MEPs, national MPs, Ministers of Employment, Finance and Education, Heads of State, Party Leaders, Academics, Think Tanks, Business Leaders and youth organisations we plan to kickstart job creation in the Union and help the 6 million young jobless of Europe. 
We are determined to continue until real reforms for job creation are voted in national parliaments. We will not stop until we see results for the young jobless of Europe and stand against every populist who promises jobs through failing guarantees.”
Hosted by TDL president, Sorin Moldovan, and in the presence of the board of YEPP, the following leaders attended:
Sebastian Kurz (Austria, Junge ÖVP) 
Philipp Mißfelder (Germany, Junge Union) 
Sakis Ioannides (Greece, ONNED)
Peter Ágh (Hungary, Fidelitas)
Monica Panayotova (Bulgaria, MGERB) 
Patrick Molloy (Ireland, YFG)
Andrej Cuš (Slovenia, SDM)
Jean-Yves Kitantou (Belgium, Jeunes CdH)
Tom Vandenkendelaere (Belgium, JONG CD&V) 
Josip Bilaver (Croatia, MHDZ)
Gianpiero Zinzi (Italy, GUDC)
Erik Bengtzboe (Sweden, MUF)
Sara Skyttedal (Sweden, KDU)
Socrates Frangou (Cyprus, NEDISY)
Kevin Plumpton (Malta, MZPN)
Ivan Krulko (Ukraine, BM)
Petr Jurcik (Czech Republic, MKD)
Bartosz Domaszewicz (Poland, SMD)
Simon Oberbeck (Switzerland, JCVP)
Tamar Kakabadze (Georgia, AME)
Julius Huibert Terpstra (The Netherlands, CDJA)
Bora Cvetkovic (Serbia, Youth of G17 Plus)
József Szabó (Romania, MIERT)
Gergely Gaal (Hungary, IKSZ)
Linda Medene (Latvia, Youth of Unity Party)
Vedran Kozul (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Youth of HDZ BiH) 
Marek Degro (Slovakia, KDMS)
Nadim Yazbeck (Lebanon, LFSA)