As the largest youth political organization in Europe, YEPP commends the dedication and efforts of the authorities of Serbia, led by President Aleksandar Vucic, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Responsible and timely actions prevented a large-scale infection of the population, thus protecting the overall health and lives of the citizens of Serbia. At the same time, YEPP praises the implemented measures to protect the overall economy and help the people and the country to recover from the crisis, as well as continue with the ongoing reforms.

            Solidarity has been built into the very foundations of the EU, and as such represents one of the basic principles. YEPP highly appreciates the solidarity that was shown during these challenging times by Serbia and its people, especially through providing a significant amount of crucial medical equipment to other Western Balkan partners, but also to EU member states, including Italy. Regional cooperation and support to EU member states in times of crisis has shown that Serbia stands firmly on its European path, with a clear perspective of a better future for its citizens.

            Free and fair elections are one of the key elements of democracy and the only path to unquestionable political legitimacy. In a country aspiring towards the EU, politics and debates need to have their place in Parliament. Boycotting instead of participating in the political arena is not the way forward, and any sort of violence cannot be a way of doing politics in a democratic society.

            YEPP commends the successful accomplishment of the cross-party dialogue on enhancing the election process in Serbia, facilitated by European Parliament, as well as the implementation of the agreed measures. The regular parliamentary, local and provincial elections in Serbia are rescheduled on 21st June, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The integrity of the election process itself has always been of highest importance for every country.

 Presently, several opposition parties have decided to end the boycott and commence their campaign which has confirmed and further strengthened the overall democratic atmosphere. YEPP encourages all political parties to a fair political race, which will result with a new parliament, reflecting the trust and will of the people of Serbia.

            YEPP calls on the citizens of Serbia, especially young people, to use their rights in the forthcoming elections to decide on their future, and contribute to prosperity, peace and stability of their country on its European path.