Brussels, Belgium – The Youth of the European Peoples Party condemns Hungary’s and Poland’s actions and urges both member states to abstain from rejecting the budget and recovery package. Member states rely on the stimulus package to aid fix their economies left weakened by the pandemic. It is unquestionable that NGEU and the MFF are vital tools in ensuring the future of the EU as well as working towards creating a resilient future.

The Multi-annual Financial Framework and the Next Generation EU recovery fund are crucial in overcoming the arising economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the 1.82 trillion budget and recovery fund had been negotiated in July 2020, on November 16th Hungary and Poland vetoed the adoption of MFF and NGEU. The action of these member states has said to have been due to the approval of the rule of law conditionality linked to the package.

We ask EU leaders to stand firm in their ideals and beliefs to ensure the best for the people. It is time to think collectively as opposed to individually, this affects more than just two states but the entire Union as well as its citizens.