Brussels, Belgium – In her article, YEPP President and MEP Lidia Pereira provides further insight surrounding climate policies and her opinion when it comes to communicating climate-related issues to the general public. The article titled “Improving communication on climate policies: A young person’s view,” aims to provide specific suggestions to forward the debate. The article is featured in the latest edition of the European View published by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies.

Ms Pereira’s article discusses the importance of climate and environmental-related issues as well as the challenge of the centre-right to effectively communicate tangible policies to address these. She argues that it is vital that political parties engage and answer citizen’s questions and concerns with concrete and tangible solutions.

In order to tackle those challenges, Ms Pereira brings forward ten ideas to improve communication about climate-related issues. These steps aim to provide effective and solution-driven communication between political parties and the European citizens. She argues that in order to achieve this, political parties must avoid repetition in discourse and rather focus on providing answers to specific questions.

 “Communication needs to be solution-driven in order to truly tackle and provide for sustainable solutions to climate and environmental issues that are at the heart of the people,” says Ms Pereira.

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