Today there will be a Global Manifestation for Syria arranged by International Young Democrat Union (IYDU). The cause is strongly supported by YEPP and we encourage all member organizations to join the manifestation and show our united support for democratic development in Syria.
Last weekend at YEPP´s Council Meeting  in Budapest a resolution condemning the Syrian regime was adopted. To join the Global manifestations is a great way to spread our message regarding democracy in the Arabic world. It is time to end the reign of Bashar al-Assad and stop the bloodshed of the Syrian citizens.
Show your support today! Manifestations in Europe will be held in the following countries: 
1) Spain
2) Georgia
3) Germany
4) Greece
5) Italy
6) Estonia
7) Poland
8) Portugal
9) Serbia
10) Sweden
11) Finland
12) Lebanon
Post photos from your manifestation on the facebook event page.