Kyiv, Ukraine – Members of the Youth of European People’s Party’s (YEPP) will be in Kyiv from the 5th – 8th of December to discuss the diversification of learning in a conference titled ‘Changing Times: Diversification of Learning’. The event organised by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (WMCES) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) will see distinguished speakers from politics, academia as well as the private sector provide their personal insights on the topic. In addition, the conference will also address the future of EU foreign policy, especially in the context of the new European Commission.

Speaking about the importance of the topic of the Conference, Lidia Pereira, YEPP President said: “The advancements made in technology and the impact on the work field clearly illustrates that there is a need to upskill young people so that they can meet the demands of an ever changing work environment. The education system in some member states limit the skill-building of the youth, especially those who leave education early. That is why it is crucial to address the issue and discuss how to possibly overcome this.”

The Conference will welcome a number of high level speakers including former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine, Mr Matti Maasikas or Ms Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister of Education in Greece who will shine more light on the issue of education and skills. 

As part of the Conference, the participants will also visit the Ukrainian National IT Factory which offers alternative and innovative forms of education. By training young people and enhancing their digital skills, the factory aims to ensure that these youth are ready to enter the labour market, but also that they match the needs of the changing workforce.

Ahead of the conference Petro Poroshenko said: “ We shall unite our effort to promote common values, counter challenges and build a stronger Ukraine in the United Europe.”

YEPP is the largest youth political organisation in Europe and this Ukrainian Conference will see over 80 participants from 28 European countries in attendance, and will be hosted by Batkivshchyna Moloda, Youth of Democratic Alliance and Solidarna Molod.

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