From February 22nd to 25th, young participants from centre-right organizations gathered in Brno to tackle pivotal issues on the European Agenda, with a focus on the challenges faced by young farmers, the Green Transition, and the urgent need to preserve the environment. This conference, organized by the Wilfried Martens Centre, IKDP, and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and hosted by Mladi Lidovci, saw the participation of young people representing the 64 member organizations of YEPP.

Throughout the event, which spanned from Thursday to Sunday morning, delegates actively engaged in a range of activities including diverse discussion panels, workshops, and enlightening sessions featuring prominent political figures from the Czech Republic, notably including Minister of the Environment and deputy chairman of KDU-CSL, Petr Hladík, and Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný. In line with the spirit of the event, participants also attended a guided visit of a tea factory.

The participants deliberated on various policy resolutions addressing critical political matters of the present. Among these, coinciding with the date marking two years of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the  participants reaffirmed support for Ukraine, underscoring the imperative for a concerted approach to secure peace. Other policy discussions resulted in the common view of the importance of revitalizing of the rural economy, combating tax evasion, strengthening vocational training of Erasmus+, improvement of recycling of waste electronic equipment, actions against Hungary’s threats to Ukraine, the condemnation of massacres against the Christian population in Nigeria, and others that can be accessed here.

YEPP expresses sincere gratitude to all partners involved, particularly to the host Mladi Lidovci, and its International Secretary Vlastimil Stříbrný, for their invitation and hospitality, eagerly looking forward to future collaborations.