Brussels, Belgium – On Wednesday, the 15th of June, the Youth of the European People’s Party re-launched its YEPP Brussels Network following two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Network aims at providing not only a networking opportunity for our members, but also an insight into emerging key topics.  

The topic for this event was “Understanding Blockchain: The Future of Crypto in the EU” and welcomed over 50 ‘networkers’, including MEPs, APAs, Trainees as well as YEPP members working in Brussels.  

At the event YEPP President Lidia Pereira stated: “With the rise of digital assets, be it Cryptocurrency and NFT’s, it is important that we familiarise ourselves with these or at least gain an understanding of what they are.” 

It is unquestionable that Cryptocurrency as well as Blockchain, both the future and dangers within the EU, have been the primary focus in debates. How can the EU create trust in data using blockchain technology? How can the use of blockchain and crypto affect climate change in a positive way? How does the EU intend to legalise cryptocurrency? These were only a few questions that were raised.  

To provide all necessary answers and information, we were joined by three experts: Luca Negro (Blockchain for Europe), Patrick South (TRM Labs) and Roeland Van der Stappen ( We thank them for taking time out of their schedule to provide their expertise on this topic.

YEPP looks forward to welcoming both familiar and new faces at the next Brussels Network event.