The Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP) today launch the #VaccinesWork campaign with the “Let’s stand up to anti-vaccination disinformation. Together!”declaration signed by Lidia PEREIRA (President of YEPP), Donald TUSK (President of EPP) and Manfred WEBER (Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament).

This campaign aims to raise awareness about vaccine hesitancy and disinformation surrounding vaccines in Europe while demonstrating the European People’s Party’s commitment to science and evidence-based policy.

Speaking about the campaign, Lidia Pereira made the following statement:

“Vaccinations are a triumph of modern medicine that must be both celebrated and protected. Thanks to our scientists and researchers Europe now has COVID vaccines that offer the hope of returning to a normal life. Yet, cynical forces are attempting to manipulate peoples’ concerns and create doubt in the population. We must stand up to these efforts by defending science and reassuring our citizens of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. We must clearly explain the science behind vaccines. It is only then that our common goals of improving vaccination rates, dismantling ‘Anti-Vax’ movements and ending the pandemic can be achieved.

Let us unite in this fight. Let’s stand up to anti-vaccination disinformation. Together!”

Read the full declaration here