The Youth of the European People’s Party positively welcomes the highly ambitious commitments made by European Union leaders as a responsibility for current and future generations. YEPP acknowledges that in spite of the fact that these measures will not solve the crisis in the immediate, their effective implementation will assist to this end.
The new fiscal rule establishing that national budgets ought to be balanced or in surplus will ensure that future generations will not be required to sacrifice their present for past mistakes. To this end, the inclusion of this rule in the legal systems of EU Member States is a must to trigger the mechanism required to implement the necessary corrections.
YEPP also welcomes the strict sanctions emanating from the Excessive Deficit Procedure for those Member States that fail to meet the 3% deficit threshold.
In spite of the fact that financial difficulties persist, YEPP recognises the difficult measures already taken by Portuguese, Greek and Irish peoples to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.
It is YEPP’s firm conviction that EU leaders have a responsibility towards future generations and calls upon them to continue to strive for a better European future.