YEPP stands with the French people, and we express our solidarity to every person that lost their beloved ones on the horrible terrorist attacks on Friday. This is not only an attack on France, but on all Europeans and the entire free world.
We cannot, and will not, stand still and watch innocent citizens get slaughtered by the terrorists of the Islamic State. On September 17th, 2014, YEPP has called for a NATO response to the ISIS threats. Since then, there have been limited and targeted attacks that, sadly, have not been effective in pushing ISIS back. Today, statements alone are not enough. ISIS has threatened to hit more targets in Europe. It is the West’s turn to attack.
YEPP calls for military action:
§  On all EU Heads of State to join the French President in declaring war on ISIS. The state of emergency must be considered depending on the situation in every Member State.
§  For a UN Security Council Resolution for common military action against ISIS. An open coalition including traditional allies, but also traditional adversaries, that want to defeat ISIS. Russia must be invited to join this open coalition. 
§  For the activation of Article 5 of NATO’s Founding Treaty. An armed attack against one is an attack against all NATO allies. This would be the second time in NATO’s history after 9/11.
YEPP calls for security measures in the European Union:
§  The European Union must protect its external borders from terrorists. YEPP calls for increased security on the external borders of the EU and stricter screening of incoming immigrants. The Schengen Area however should remain open, with extra security measures taken where deemed necessary for national security. 
§  Returning citizens that joined ISIS in their war of terror should be brought to court for their part of crimes.
§  EU citizens and residents who are suspected of being related to ISIS terrorists or ISIS activities must be arrested preemptively. Europol together with national intelligence services must cooperate closely so as to more effectively address the emergency. 
§  EU governments must also increase security measures to protect cultural monuments in European capitals. ISIS has a record of targeting and destroying landmarks of historical importance. We cannot risk a potential loss of symbols that are part of European identity.
The ISIS terrorists have launched an attack on their own people, and with the latest terrorist attacks in France, Lebanon and the rest of the world, they have started a war that targets our freedom. In this defining moment, we must stand together and answer back with strong and decisive action. The terrorism of ISIS will come to an end, and the people living under their dictatorial rule shall be set free to live and prosper under the rule of democracy and law.
Fear has long ago divided Europe, this time we will defeat fear, terrorism, extremism and hate together and united. We, Europeans, are not afraid.