Today would be another day with another draft report being debated and amended at the European Parliament, only for some of us it was much more than that. Through the voice of EPP Group MEP Maria Spyraki (ND, Greece) YEPP put forward proposals from our “Backing Small Business” white paper, adopted at the Council of Presidents of our organisation held in Rome last year.
The proposals include the choice of using the English language across application processes for funding of SME’s and linking such funds with job creation criteria. After support from MEP Paul Rübig and the EPP Group, the amendments were overwhelmingly approved by the plenary.
This small win may not solve the problems of hard-working Europeans overnight, magically open up funds or create jobs from thin air, but it’s a step in our journey towards a more competitive, efficient, flexible and less bureaucratic European Union that works because it’s 500 million citizens have a chance to work too.