Europe stands in shock after the terrorist attack in Paris, France that left twelve people dead and many wounded at the office of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical paper, .
YEPP stands with the victims’ families and our members thoughts are with them at all times. At the same time we stand with freedom of press, speech and expression, values that are fundamental to our system and essential to our democracies. Terrorism shall not force us to take a step back from these values; from our freedoms and in this case from the right of every Press Agency in this continent to publish, inform and criticise.
Free information and open criticism are the values that, among others, have evolved our societies and enjoy our full confidence as we further develop. They are not to be negotiated. They are not to be tailored to the needs and wishes of those that want us all to think, act and believe in the same way. 
Today we are all “Charlie Hebdo