YouthEPP applauds the hard and successful work of the EPP Group and especially the work by rapporteur MEP Pilar del Castillo for gaining European Parliament’s support for ending roaming fees by December 2015. Ending of roaming fees will make the lives of many millions of citizens better.
This decision will have a positive influence on young volunteers, students and interns who are studying and working abroad in growing numbers together with cross-border workers and tourists. This is a great example how the EPP Group is putting citizens first! This is also a great step towards increasing competition in the telecommunications sector.
We urge the EPP to continue pushing for Telecommunications Single Market and completion of the Digital Single Market. By 2017 85% of the world’s population will have 3G coverage, whilst, 50% will have 4G coverage. Europe needs to invest in data infrastructure to allow aspiring young entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the European Single Market.
Telecommunications sector has a lot of potential in terms of economic growth and new employment opportunities, some studies estimating there to be 5 million new jobs in the next ten years. We are really happy that the EPP Group has taken the lead on this field!
Konstantinos Kyranakis, president of YEPP stated: “It’s not just about the cost of communications. It’s about completing the single market, it’s about doing what’s necessary to bring our citizens closer. I stand with our common candidate Jean-Claude Juncker when he says this decision is a great EPP achievement”.