The Youth of the European People’s Party welcomes the proposal of the European Commission for creating the Energy Union, another commitment of the Juncker political programme that is realised.
The proposal is headed in the right direction as it will result to diversification of energy sources, along with the suppliers providing them, in order to complete an effective, efficient and clean internal energy market.  The political challenges that Europe faces with Russia and North African countries oblige our leaders to establish partnerships with each other and with third countries, invest in new infrastructure, renewable energy, new technologies and research and innovation.
“The EU should speak in a single voice in order to guarantee our energy independence and security. This proposal comes to complete an internal energy market by enhancing the links between the member states” stated Konstantinos Kyranakis, YEPP president.
YEPP endorses the Commission target of bringing the electricity interconnection level to 10% by 2020 and 15% by 2030.  We expect the new European Fund for Strategic Investment to provide funds for energy investment and call on the European Council and Parliament to speed up the adoption and determined implementation of the new regulation.