The Youth of the European People’s Party elected its new board in the organisation’s 9th congress in Sofia Bulgaria. The newly elected president, Konstantinos Kyranakis stated: “The priorities for YEPP in the next two years are very clear. The centre-right is under pressure in a lot of European countries. It is our responsibility to lead the EU election campaign among the youth of Europe and do our best to win the battle against populism”.
The newly elected board is:
Konstantinos Kyranakis (ONNED, Greece)
Secretary General
Colm Lauder (YFG, Ireland)
First Vice President
Juha-Pekka Nurvala (KNL, Finland)
Deputy Secretary General
Federico Potočnik (MSI, Slovenia)
Frank Visser (CDJA, The Netherlands)
Vice Presidents
Stefan Schnöll (Junge ÖVP, Austria)
Tom Vandenkendelaere (JONG CD&V, Belgium)
Hristo Gadzhev (MGERB, Bulgaria)
Christodoulos Ioannou (NEDISY, Cyprus)
Linda Eichler (IRLY, Estonia)
Benedict Pöttering (JU, Germany)
Riccardo Pozzi (Giovani UDC, Italy)
Joao Paolo Meirelles (JSD, Portugal)
Sara Skyttedal (KDU, Sweden)