YEPP’s September Seminar will be on “DEMOCRATIC PROCESS IN UKRAINE. 1991-2011: RESULTS OF 20 YEARS.” held from 8-11 September 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine. Our host, Democratic Alliance (YEPP Full Member) will be working with support from Batkifshina Moloda (YEPP Observer Member). They have constructed a comprehensive programme and solicited the participation of high level speakers from different fields. YEPP will engage in discussions on the domestic / regional aspect of democracy building in Ukraine, the economic obstacles and opportunities of this process, and the wider international stakes and potential involved. YEPP’s participants will be situated in central Kiev and they will enjoy visits to institutions and monuments as well as panel sessions with the speakers. YEPP will hold a Working Group on Campaigning Methods. The participants will debate and amend papers and will practice their political debate and compromise skills in the Council Meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!