YEPP has held a Seminar in Marseilles, France from the 8-11 of December in conjunction with the EPP Congress. The topic was “European Economy: Governance & Main Challenges”. YEPP will be hosted by YEPP French Member Jeunes Populaires, and explored the developments in the efforts to solve the financial crisis in Europe. The days allocated for this event gave time for the participants to explore the topic through workshops, training sessions, and discussions around the topic with high level speakers. The issue weighs heavily into multiple aspects of Europe’s common future, vision and goal.  This Council Meeting was one of the most productive sessions of the last years. 32 people took the floor 78 times adopting 9 Resolutions. A new publication was presented by the YEPP Board; “Podium” which you can find by visiting our library. A new membership strategy was introduced by our Secretary General and reports from the successful elections in Spain and Poland were presented by NNGG and SMD.