It was a great experience to participate in the founding Congress of PSDB, the biggest opposition party in Brasil, where I was invited to share my experience and thoughts on the political situation. As sister countries they are familiar with our work in Portugal at the level of the Party and JSD and our practices are always a useful example for their initiatives. Brazil plays a very important role in global politics, being the leading country of the South American League. The President of Brazil, Dilma and her party are facing numerous corruption problems.
The other 2 international guests were Juan Carlos Martinez, one of the youth leaders of Primero Justicia, Opposition Party in Venezuela, and Collin Jergens member of Barack Obama’s campaign team.
After the discussions i had during the meetings, and having realized that all these centre right youth organizations are willing to join together in a South American platform, my first thought was the european example of YEPP. Countries as Venezuela, Paraguay or Bolivia are being lead by populist Presidents who, for years now, are devaluing democracy. YEPP should be involved helping these friends fighting for more democracy and less corruption in their countries. Our experience, dealing with populism and campaigning for democratic processes all over Europe adn beyond, can be very helpful for these organizations. Issues as training, modern youth policies, social media, youth participation and youth independence from the major party where the topics of my speech.
I believe that YEPP must play a role in shaping the future of these organizations. It will be useful all sides.