The Youth of the European People’s Party expresses its disappointment that the website of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) targeting Eastern European immigrants continues to function. We find it unacceptable that the PVV website encourages Dutch citizens to report on alleged problems and, at the same time, reinforces negative stereotypes regarding Eastern European immigrants thus strengthening xenophobia and intolerance.
YEPP is convinced that any violation of laws should be dealt with in courtrooms, while the instigation of hatred has no room in the European public discourse. In YEPP’s view, websites like the one of PVV weaken solidarity between member states in a time when solidarity is needed more than ever.
We take note with deep regret that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte failed to distant himself from the PVV’s initiative, ignoring the repeated calls from 10 new EU member states, the CDA party and the EPP Group. YEPP calls upon Prime Minister Rutte to distance himself and join fellow party member and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes in her rejection of the PVV website. YEPP also calls upon the ALDE group in the EP to also express their regrets of a clear position of the Dutch Prime Minister on this issue.
The Youth of the EPP urges the European Commission to assess if the PVV website violates EU basic rights with special regard to human dignity, non- discrimination on grounds of origin as laid down in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Position Paper of the EPP Youth
the YEPP Board