The Youth on the European People’s Party (YEPP) will hold their electoral Congress in Athens on 3 November 2018. The event will be addressed by many different speakers including both EPP Spitzenkandidaten as well as the President of Nea Demokratia, and will culminate with the election of a new Board of YEPP. The Congress is being held in co-operation with ONNED, the youth organization of Nea Demokratia.
During its 12th Congress, YEPP has chosen to focus on digitalization as it is a key area where Europe must play a leading role. YEPP strongly believes that it is our generation of young people that must embrace the revolution 4.0. and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.
YEPP is honoured that both Spitzenkandidaten, Mr Manfred Weber and Mr Alexander Stubb, accepted the invitation to address the Congress and outline their vision for the future of Europe to over 200 young politicians from all around Europe ahead of the EPP Congress which is to be held from 7-8 November in Helsinki, Finland. 
“It is a unique opportunity to be able to bring the lead candidates to our Congress and allow our delegates to hear their visions and engage in a discussion this short before the candidate’s selection at the Congress in Helsinki,” states Jim Lefebre, YEPP Acting President.
The Campaign Director and Vice-President of the EPP Mr Dara Murphy will also attend the Congress in Athens. Mr Murphy will speak to delegates about the upcoming May 2019 European Elections and his role as EPP Campaign Director and will outline the role to be played by YEPP during the campaign. 
Speaking ahead of the Congress Mr Murphy said: “These next European elections are crucial for Europe. We cannot discuss the future of our continent without the active participation of our young people. The EU needs innovative ideas and new energy to build on what we have already achieved, to compete globally, and to lead the way forward towards sustainable solutions for the many challenges we face in the 21st century. “
The President of Nea Demokratia, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis will welcome delegates to the Congress and speak about what it takes for a modern, centre-right European political party to be a leading force both at home and at the European level.
Speaking ahead of the Congress, Mr Mitsotakis noted: “We cannot withstand the forces of populism and extremism unless we are bold, decisive and relevant. We need to seek the positive vote of our people in order to offer them tangible hope for the future.”
Other important guests, such as the Greek Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos or the Cypriot Commissioner Christos Stylianides will also be speaking at the Congress.   
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