On Thursday, May 30 2013, the Youth of the European People’s Party launched, together with many other european youth organizations and national youth councils, invited by the European Youth Forum, the European “League of Young Voters” (LYV) in Brussels, together with the European Commission President J.E.Barroso. President Barroso, who supported the initiative from its very beginning, talked about the importance of increased participation in European Elections.  The event was highlighted by the launch of a hot air balloon, which symbolises the “take off” of youth participation in elections and is also the logo of the LYV.
The LYV aims to increase young participation in European Elections by addressing youth-related issues that originate from the youth itself. Identifying that, low participation of the youth in past elections was a result of the absence of youth-related issues on the political agenda of candidates, the LYV aims to bring the youth to the forefront of the next elections by providing them with a platform to express their views and concern.  The initiative will organize a series of events, from debates to concerts, and will encourage political organizations to target young people in their campaigns for the European Elections in 2014.
The LYV is supported by the EPP, the Party of European Socialists, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, the European Green Party and all of their affiliated organizations.
The launch was part of the European Youth Week, aiming at bringing together EU representatives and young people. In the framework of YO! Fest, taking place between 29th and 31st May, the first ever real debate between young politicians from all major political groups of the European Parliament took place. YEPP was present and debated with the Young European Socialists, Liberals and Greens, emphasizing the importance of low taxation as a tool for driving growth and young entrepreneurship, and tackling youth unemployment.