Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, in association with Rete Juventutis, Don Bosco International and COMECE, organized a conference at the European Parliament on Wednesday 4th September on the topic of “Creating New opportunities for Young People”.  
Recognising that the youth today is being confronted with challenges regarding employment, deteriorating living conditions and adjusting to an aging population, the conference raised questions on political and practical responses to the problems.
Two panels of experts discussed the situation confronting young people who are entering the labour market and the preconditions for the participation and inclusion of young people.  
Among the speakers was YEPP President, Konstantinos Kyranakis, who talked about the importance of shifting away from social policies into employment policies that will create jobs for the young and kickstart growth for our economy.  YEPP President stressed the use of low taxation for young entrepreneurs and companies hiring young people as an immediate response to young job creation.