Brussels, Belgium – The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the European Union, as it has not only become a fight against the virus but also against the implications on Europe’s future.  During this week’s plenary session, President of YEPP and MEP Lidia Pereira discussed the need for a people-centred economic recovery. She began by recalling the 70th celebration of Europe Day, outlining that the focus should remain on unity and solidarity, not only of nations but of people.

The European people are heavily affected by this pandemic; their daily routine and life have changed, and it is crucial that their concerns and needs are acknowledged. Ms. Pereira outlined that this is the second major crisis that the European youth, entrepreneurs and the unemployed are facing, stating the need for “a Recovery Plan and a Recovery Fund that transforms and modernizes our economies”. The realisation of this would alleviate the strain felt by those affected, as well as stabilize the European economy for a future crisis.

This outbreak has affected numerous sectors, including health and tourism, and requires a reliable Recovery Plan. Times like these, call for leaders to make bold, decisive and sustainable decisions that meet the expectations of Europe’s citizens.

“We must not make the same mistakes made during past predicaments: we must act to secure a European future which surpasses the past”, Ms. Pereira concluded.