YEPP’s Mission to Ukraine took place from the 17th to the 19th of October in Kiev, with the support of ‘Batkyvshchyna Moloda’ and the ‘Democratic Alliance’, both full members of YEPP, and in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The aim of the Mission was to publicly support Ukrainian democratic political opposition and civil society movements, acknowledge the political situation in the country before the upcoming Third Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius and call for a closer EU-Ukraine relation. 
Having consistently advocated in favour of the transition of Ukraine to a European state and the democratization of its political system, YEPP presented its views in a press conference organised on the 18th of October. During the press conference, YEPP Secretary General, Colm Lauder, strongly criticised the continued imprisonment of EPP member Yulia Tymoshenko, urging the Ukrainian government to release her. This is a key requirement of the European Union’s political forces to sign the Eastern Partnership Agreement. Furthermore, Lauder reiterated the position of YEPP in favor of a Ukraine close to the European Union, a friend and independent ally of the Union, following the wish of the Ukrainian citizens. The press conference was followed by signing a letter which was handed to the representative of the Ukrainian government after a symbolic and peaceful march of the Mission’s delegates
In view of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, YEPP formally met with leaders of Batkyvshchyna Moloda, Democratic Alliance and UDAR Youth to discuss the European orientation of the country and the problems faced by the democratic opposition. 
The Mission was formed of the following delegates:
Colm Lauder, YEPP Secretary General / Head of mission 
Frank Visser, YEPP Treasurer / International Secretary CDJA (The Netherlands) 
Sara Skyttedal, YEPP Vice President / President KDU (Sweden) 
Javier Hurtado Mira, DEMYC Secretary General
Ivan Krulko, President BM (Ukraine)
Alisa Ruban, International Secretary DA (Ukraine)
Botond Talpas, MIERT (Romania)
Maarten Claeys, JONGCD&V (Belgium)
Barry Walsh, YFG (Ireland)
Maria Przywara, SMD (Poland)
Aleksandra Wieliczko, SMD (Poland)
Ádám Karácsony, Fidelitas (Hungary)
Marek-Andres Kauts, IRLY (Estonia)
YEPP remains a strong ally of every democratic, pro-European, active youth organisation in Ukraine and calls for consensus in the opposition powers in order to build a more democratic state that will serve the Ukrainian citizens.