Our summer school dipped in the changing global environment and the growing impact of digital technology in our lives. Held in Barcelona, Spain, 75 delegates came together at the invitation of Unió de Joves and their President Oriol Gil.
Joined by Telefónica, Uber, Airbnb, Trip4Real and PopPlaces, we discussed the challenges faced by digital companies, both startups and established, and what their future direction will be. The entrepreneurs put forward policy recommendations, debated by the young politicians, for an integrated Digital Single Market.
An e-voting simulation provided by Scytl gave participants the opportunity to experience the groundbreaking technology, its robust security measures and the efficiency gains of such an application on a national and European level. Ferrán Tarradellas Espuny, Head of Representation at the European Commission in Barcelona joined the summer school to provide us with an institutional view of the same topic, accompanied by a video message of Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for the Digital Agenda.
YEPP would particularly like to thank Ramón Espalader, Secretary General of Unió Democratica de Catalunya for attending the Summer School and giving us an insight into the future of regional politics over the coming months.