We announce the election of our new board, voted by 250 delegates at our bi-annual congress held in Dubrovnik, Croatia on the 29th of April.
Andrianos Giannou of TNL, Romania, is the new president of the Youth of the European People’s Party, the largest political youth organisation in Europe.
With Europe standing in the middle of an unprecedented poly-crisis, the new board will have to answer to young people’s most fundamental concerns:
The future of Industry
The future of Labour
The future of Human Mobility
But beyond these basic questions, YEPP will also seek the solution to an even more puzzling political challenge:
The Future of Europe.
In Giannou’s words, “We have to listen. We have to create. We have to explain. And we must deliver.”
The new board is as follows:
Andrianos GIANNOU (TNL, Romania)
Secretary General:
Maru PARDAL (NNGG, Spain)
First Vice-President:
Jim LEFEBRE (Junge ÖVP, Austria)
Deputy Secretary General:
Lotte SCHIPPER (CDJA, The Netherlands)
Pierre-Henri DUMONT (Jeunes Républicains, France)
Ágnes Zsofia MAGYAR (Fidelitas, Hungary)
Ana Lidia PEREIRA (JSD, Portugal)
Arba KOKALARI (MUF, Sweden)
Christina BALASKA (ONNED, Greece)
Eileen LYNCH (YFG, Ireland)
Inna KORSUN (YDA, Ukraine)
Karlo RESSLER (MHDZ, Croatia)
Stephan BEER (JU, Germany)
Financial Auditors:
Maja BASELJ (SDM, Slovenia)
Thomas HOFSTETTER (JCVP, Switzerland)
We are very grateful to the outgoing board and particularly YEPP’s president for the last four years, Konstantinos Kyranakis, who, through his unique passion and talent grew the organisation to new, unprecedented heights.
About YEPP
The Youth European People’s Party is the largest political youth organisation in Europe. It brings together over 1,6 million young people from 59 centre-right youth political organisations from 39 European countries. YEPP was founded in 1997.
Website: https://youthepp.eu
Media contacts for further information and interview requests: Monika Kalkusova – YEPP, Executive Officer
Mail: yepp@epp.eu // Tel:+3222854163 // Mob:+32498112111 // Rue du Commerce 10, 1000, Brussels, Belgium