The Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP) today began an 11 day road trip in support of Jean Claude Juncker for President of the European Commission.
Over the next week and a half, five teams of young Europeans will visit 25 countries and partake in 60 events. During the road trip, the teams will participate in events with MEP candidates, speak with voters and will collect messages from the youth of Europe.
On the 21st of May, upon arrival in Brussels, these messages will be presented to Jean Claude Juncker as his youth mandate if elected as President of the European Commission. Launching the road trip in his home city of Athens,
President of YEPP and MEP Candidate for Nea Demokratia, Konstantinos Kyranakis, said “The youth stands with Juncker and this is why we campaign along his side in all member states of the European Union. We are stopping in major capitals and smaller towns along the way firstly to listen to what young Europeans want from the next Commission president and to spread his message of experience, solidarity, future