Vienna, Austria – The Presidents of the Youth of European People’s Party (YEPP) member organisations along with their respective delegations gather in Vienna this weekend to discuss the important matter of sustainability in Europe. The Conference titled “Respect your Mother” will welcome a number of distinguished experts on the topic from both politics and the private sector and will see over 100 participants from 34 European countries in attendance.
Speaking ahead of the event, YEPP President, Lidia Pereira, emphasized the need for responsibility in environmental debate: “We live in a world with boundless opportunities, specially in the European Union. This freedom comes with great responsibility. Progression towards ever improving lifestyles at the expense of planet cannot continue. We have to make decisions not only with out own intentions in mind but also with a view to safeguarding the planet for generations to come.” Ms Pereira continued: ‘’YEPP is grateful to our Austrian friends from Junge OVP and other organisers for facilitating this event’‘.
The fight against climate change is at the top of our agenda. We are advocating for collective responsibility among EU Member State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Focusing on further advances in circular economy; renewable energy, minimizing waste and making the most of resources are pivotal to ensuring that future generations can benefit from a healthy and clean environment too. Therefore, the Council has been designed to debate concrete steps towards a more sustainable future. 
On this occasion, YEPP is happy to welcome the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the EPP Spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber to join our environmental discussions. YEPP wants to send a strong message to current policy-makers that an action must be taken before it is too late.
Stefan Schnoll, President of Junge OVP, said: “I am very happy to welcome our friends from YEPP in Vienna this week to work together on the great challenges of our time. As Junge OVP, we take sustainability very seriously in all areas – from budgets, to handling our resources to responsibility towards our environment, but it is all the more important to work on these issues together along with our European partners.

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