Rome, Italy – The Presidents of the Youth of European People’s Party (YEPP) member organisations along with their respective delegations gathered in Rome this weekend to discuss the importance of a resilient and sustainable Economy. The Conference titled “A Stronger Economy for a Sustainable Future” welcomed distinguished experts on the topic, as well as  over 80 participants from 32 European Countries. 

Speaking at the event, YEPP President Lidia Pereira reiterated the need for youth involvement in the recovery of Europe’s economy; “The young people of Europe have a specific role to play in the recovery of the European economy and it is pivotal that we are given a seat at the table. Our generation has been through the most times of crises, consequently it only makes sense to be heard and have relevant bodies act upon our calls.” She continued with: “We are thankful to our Italian friends at Forza Italia Giovani for hosting this Council of Presidents and facilitating the diccussion.”

The conference gave room for delegates to partake in panel discussions as well as mingles with fellow delegates and Italian politicians. The event welcomed many notable individuals including, but not limited to, Claudia Plakolm (State Secretary for Youth, Austria), Antonio Tajani (MEP), David Casa (MEP),  Sen. Anna Maria Bernini (Head of Forza Italia at the Italian Senate),  as well as Maurizio Gasparri (Former Minister for Media & Communications). In addition to this, delegates were opportune to visit key historical places such as the Centro Studi Americani and the Vatican Museums. 

At this event, the Presidents of the member organisations signed the Declaration of Presidents titled which focused on Health, Sustainable Growth and Youth Engagement. Furthermore following resolutions were adopted: ‘A stronger EU Response to Chinese economic aggression against Lithuania’, ‘Enhancing Financial literacy amongst EU citizens’, ‘Condemnation of Russian Military Aggression against Ukraine and the probable war on Easters Europe’ and ‘Fostering Cross-Border Co-operation and fostering the coalescence of historical regions’.

The event was organised together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Forza Italia, and hosted by Forza Italia Giovani.

Access our resolutions here.