YEPP welcomes the Commission’s proposal to improve and strengthen EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, that will increase the likelihood of employers matching their skills demands to workers through it’s large database. Under the proposed reform a greater number of jobs will be filled faster, better and at a lower cost, especially for small and medium sized businesses.
YEPP has called for the solidifying of the link between EURES and national employment agencies, in an adopted resolution at the Athens Council of Presidents. Additionally, our Council has proposed reforms that would provide mobility support to employees and employers at the ‘Citizens First’ council in Nicosia.
Under the Commissions’ proposals, EURES will now be able to carry out automatic matching through job vacancies and CVs, offer more private employment vacancies, provide mobility support to employers and employees, and improve coordination and information exchange between national employment agencies on labour shortages and surpluses between the 28 member states.
We call on the national administrations and the European Parliament to approve the proposed reforms and implement them as soon as possible.