On Thursday, 5th September, the “YEPP Brussels Group” held its first official meeting at the EPP Headquarters in Brussels.  The group, chaired by Luis Viegas Cardoso and Thomas Schmitz, aims at bringing together young people who work at the European Institutions with the purpose of promoting YEPP policies to legislators.  
Brussels-based staff from any European institution will be meeting regularly to update YEPP on the European agenda and on the work of the EPP Group, but also to be informed of YEPP’s latest policy work.  This will enable us to efficiently cooperate with the EPP Group and to effectively put forward our work at the source of European decision-making.
The “YEPP Brussels Group” is a dynamic initiative which will enable young people working at the heart of European Institutions to team up with YEPP and turn the policies of our members into legislation.  For more information, contact Luis Viegas Cardoso (cardoso@youthepp.eu) or Thomas Schmitz (schmitz@youthepp.eu).