In Sunday’s Presidential Elections, the people of the Republic of Belarus went out to vote for democracy, freedom and the rule of law. This strength, determination for change and movement to end autocratic rule is commendable and we stand #WithBelarus

The EU has repeatedly called for fair and free elections, but the events which occcured following the election are disheartening. Hope for a peaceful election was tainted by numerous acts, primarily the arrests of peaceful protesters as well as the excessive force used by the military. 

We condemn these acts of violence and ask that those detained will be released, and people be free to exercise their right to peaceful protest and assembly. Democracy is pivotal to any functioning society and state; hence we ask that this be upheld and enforced in Belarus.

The outcome of the election has been met with much disdain and anger as the result, declaring incumbent President Lukashenko the winner, has been questioned. We ask that the result, reflecting the choice of the people, be published by the Electoral Commission. In addition, we call for a repeat election to be held with international observers present to ensure that democracy, rule of law and freedom are adhered to. 


  1. Lidia Pereira MEP, YEPP President and PSD (Portugal)
  2. Karlo Ressler MEP, YEPP Vice President and HDZ (Croatia)
  3. Siegfried Muresan MEP, EPP Vice President and PNL (Romania)
  4. Roberta Metsola MEP, PN (Malta)
  5. Lukas Mandl MEPVolkspartei (Austria)
  6. Maria Walsh MEPFine Gael (Ireland)
  7. Eva Maydell MEPGERB (Bulgaria)
  8. Sven Simon MEPCDU (Germany)
  9. Tomislav Sokol MEP, HDZ (Croatia)
  10. Isabel Benjumea MEP, Partido Popular (Spain)
  11. Lena Dupont MEP, CDU (Germany)
  12. Arba Kokalari MEP Moderates(Sweden)
  13. François-Xavier Bellamy MEP, LR (France)
  14. Stelio Kympouropoulos MEP, New Democracy (Greece)
  15. Alexandre Poço MP, PSD, (Portugal) (President of JSD)
  16. Margarida Balseiro Lopes MP, PSD, (Portugal)
  17. Pierre-Henri Dumont MP,  Les Républicains, (France)
  18. Neale Richmond MP (TD) Fine Gael, (Ireland)
  19. Martina Kaufmann MPÖVP  (Austria)
  20. Arin Karapet MP, Moderate Party (Sweden)
  21. Duarte Marques MP PSD, (Portugal)
  22. Raphael Schellenberger MP Les Republicains (France)
  23. Hugo Carvalho MP, PSD (Portugal)
  24. André Neves MP, PSD (Portugal)
  25. Sofia Matos MPPSD (Portugal)
  26. Matias Marttinen MPKokoomus (Finland)
  27. Janne Heikkinen MP, Kokoomus (Finland)
  28. Maxime Minot MPLes Republicains (France)
  29. Ian Boucard MP, Les Republicains (France)
  30. Christos Dermentzopoulos MP, New Democracy (Greece)
  31. Evangelos Liakos MPNew Democracy (Greece)
  32. Yiannis Melas MP, New Democracy (Greece)
  33. Kostas Kyranakis MP, New Democracy (Greece)
  34. Corinna Scharzenberger MP, ÖVP (Austria)
  35. Carina Reiter, MP, ÖVP (Austria)
  36. Aleksander Miszalski MP, PO (Poland)
  37. Konrad Frysztak MP, PO (Poland)
  38. Krzysztof Truskolaski MP, PO (Poland)
  39. Marta Wcislo MP, PO (Poland)
  40. Michal Krawczyk MPPO (Poland)
  41. Arkadiusz Marchewka MP, PO (Poland)
  42. Aleksandra Gajewska MP, PO (Poland)
  43. Mara Mares MP, YEPP Vice President,PNL, (Romania) 
  44. Cllr. Eileen Lynch, YEPP Secretary General, Fine Gael (Ireland)
  45. Christina Balaska, YEPP Vice Secretary General, ONNED, (Greece)
  46. Stefan Beer, YEPP First Vice President, JU (Germany)
  47. Reza Abdali, YEPP Vice President, KNL, (Finland)
  48. Martin Hallander, YEPP Vice President, KDU (Sweden)
  49. Christian Zoll, YEPP Vice President, ÖVP, (Austria)
  50. Tino Schneider, YEPP Vice President, JCVP (Switzerland)
  51. Marcello Gamberalle, YEPP Vice President, FIG, (Italy)

YEPP Member Organisations:

  1. Junge Union, Germany
  2. Vienotiba Jaunatnes, Latvia
  3. FIG, Italy
  4. YFG, Ireland
  5. KDU, Sweden
  6. CSJ, Luxembourg
  7. KNL, Finland
  8. JONGCD&V, Belgium
  9. JeunesCDH, Belgium
  10. JCVP, Switzerland
  11. SMD, Poland
  12. ONNED, Greece
  13. TNL, Romania
  14. MUF, Sweden
  15. Junge ÖVP, Austria
  16. JSD, Portugal
  17. JP, Portugal
  18. KrFU, Norway
  19. IRLY, Estonia
  20. MSDS (YUDF), Bulgaria
  21. NNGG, Spain
  22. MIÉRT, Romania
  23. CDJA, Netherlands
  24. MZPN, Malta
  25. BM, Ukraine
  26. NEDISY, Cyprus
  27. FRPD, Albania
  28. KU, Denmark
  29. MSi, Slovenia
  30. SDM, Slovenia
  31. Nova Generacija SLS, Slovenia

 Note to editors:#WithBelarus is the campaign being run by YEPP parliamentarians from across Europe in support of the people of Belarus. Participants are encouraged to share a messages of support on social media under the hashtag ”WithBelarus”

YEPP is the youth organisation of the European People’s Party that brings together 63 centre-right youth political organisations from 39 countries across Europe.

Lidia Pereira MEP is the current President of YEPP.  

For more information: Jasmin Schweizer, YEPP Executive Officer at