Grim financial forecasts and dropping statistics finally belong to the past. The European Commission announced yesterday that 2015 will see the European economy grow by 1.7%, with prospects for further growth of 2.1% in 2016. The presentation of the “European Economic Forecast – Winter 2015” yesterday in Brussels by the European Commission showed how Europe is emerging stronger, more confident and more flexible from the crisis. It is our part to keep it that way.
European banks are again strong enough to finally resume lending to the private sector; the sector that will drive investment and growth in our continent. At the same time, European businesses are hiring again and Europe’s workforce is finally expected to grow.
“Europe’s economic outlook is a little brighter today” and this is because of what has been achieved so far. The unprecedented financial crisis that swept through Europe required bold moves and major reforms. It was not easy, nor was it popular, but right from the start, EPP and YEPP went head-on with the populists, the extremists and the eurosceptics, tackling the source of our economy’s problems.
Mistakes were made and decisions were taken that no one would ever want to take. But today we can say in confidence that our economies are changing and are being based on a solid infrastructure that can provide growth and withstand future shocks. Banks are more stable, the markets are more confident and the common currency is stronger again.
We have to honour the sacrifices that Europeans made and boldly continue on the course of honest governance, a smaller and a less bureaucratic state. Europe is creating a market that is friendly to entrepreneurship, to private investment and that creates jobs for the 505 million Europeans.
Today, Jean Claude Juncker’s new Commission turns this newfound confidence for a prosperous future into reality and the promised results are starting to show. The “European Investment Plan” is set to make future forecasts even more optimistic and the ECB’s latest policies will help pour fresh money into our economies. YEPP pledges to continue to support these policies and push for more reform where needed, as the new Commission proves daily that more is yet to come.