1. To achieve a new financial system for Catatonia based on the economic agreement, as a first step on the path to the right to decide
2. To defend the Catalonian liguistic model since it is internationally recognized
3. To boost the figure of “the sennior patner” (as the youth advisor) and to create advisory meeting points also with finnatial access
4. To transfer the schoolarship program to the Catalan governenment in order to avoid the discrimination that suffer catalan students
5. To make possible that the students have access to internships from the first year in order to achieve that they have at the end of their studies from 3 to 5 years of working experience
6. To reduce the buying-selling tax of usual house that young people below
35 years old have to pay
7. To impel a National Plan of e-governance in order to obtain on the top of the National Admistration much more transparency also citizen participation
8. To apply a green tax system that favorises and promotes the installation of renewable points of energy for industrial and domestic use
9. To claim the State that takes on the cost of the dependence pensions moreover to claim that creates specific benefits with social purposes
10. To improve technological infrastructures in order to achieve that everybody has access to internet and remove the digital gap