(via epp.eu) The President of the European People’s Party (EPP),Wilfried Martens, has hailed the landslide victory of the Partido Popular (PP) in Spain and its leader Mariano Rajoy, who won an absolute majority in parliament. President Martens has also welcomed the strong result of UDC in Catalonia.
“I congratulate the PP and Mariano Rajoy for the decisive victory in Spain’s national elections. After 8 years of disastrous Socialist governance, the Spanish people have given again their trust to the PP. I am convinced that Prime Minister-elect Mariano Rajoy will quickly implement the necessary changes and reforms that are urgently needed, in order for Spain to solve its economic, financial and unemployment problems and to become again a central player in the European project,” Martens underlined.
“Needless to say, the EPP and its leaders will offer Mariano Rajoy our full support in this period of recovery for Spain, in the framework of our common efforts to resolve swiftly the euro crisis. Spain now has both the capabilities and the leadership to kick-start economic growth,” the EPP President added.
“I look forward, together with the other EPP heads of state and government, to personally welcoming Mariano Rajoy as EPP’s 17th EU Prime Minister at the EPP Congress in Marseille, on 7-8 December, where we will also prepare the European Council meeting of 9 December,” Martens said.
“Finally, I also congratulate the UDC and Duran i Lleida for the strong result in Catalonia and I look forward to even closer cooperation in the future,” the EPP President concluded.