We welcome today the historic occasion of the signing of the Association Agreement (AA) and DCFTA between the European Union and Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.
After numerous barriers and difficulties which all three countries have faced, and have overcome to reach this point, we look forward to a new shared future. It is the citizens who have worked hard to introduce massive reforms aimed at fulfilling the criteria for EU accession and to take this big step on a longer journey for a common European future.
For Ukraine, this day comes seven months exactly since former president Yanukovych refused to sign the same agreement. For those who took to the streets peacefully and with determination to defend their right for European integration, this is their day.
We congratulate our member organisations in Ukraine, Batkivshchyna Moloda, Democratic Alliance and Young Rukh, in Georgia, Young Rights and Youth of the United National Movement, and in Moldova, the Liberal Democratic Youth of Moldova.
The future of these countries is a European future. We remain determined to do everything in our power to ensure that the vision remains alive for the people of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and work with them to make it a reality.