It’s all about transatlantic relations! From the 27th to the 29th of April, fifty young Europeans and Americans will meet in Washington D.C. for the relaunch of the Transatlantic Youth Summit. The key areas of focus will be on future global governance challenges, the energy transition and a partnership for a sustainable economy.

The days will be filled with networking opportunities, panel discussions and workshops which will allow participants to gain further insight into these vital themes and share each other’s perspectives and possible solutions.

The Transatlantic Youth Summit Committee composed of YEPP President Lidia Pereira and YEPP Vice-Presidents Nikola Eric, Regina Frieser and Marco Parroccini will join the delegates to understand their opinions to ensure that these are shared and translated within YEPP.

Ahead of the summit, YEPP President Lidia Pereira stated that:

“Within the last years, it has been evident that the EU and the US must come together in order to overcome shared hurdles. YEPP has been actively pushing for the strengthening of the transatlantic relations, not only on paper as this summit proves. The Transatlantic Youth Summit is more than just another conference, but instead brings young people together who will act as actors within their respective fields. People to people exchange paves the way for real friendships and make the bridge to form key alliances.”

With the Summit only a few days away, the Youth of the European People’s Party is happy to announce the official sponsors and partners of the 2023 Transatlantic Youth Summit. Their contributions and support has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to increasing our future partnership with both the sponsors and partners.

Official Partners:

National Democratic Institute (NDI)     International Republican Institute (IRI)

Official Sponsors:

Robert Schuman Foundation  


Ernst & Young                         

Citi Bank