We are proud to be holding our annual Congress in Porto & Maia, Portugal from the 14th to the 16th of May, with an attendance of over 250 young leaders from 40 countries. Among them are elected members of national and the European parliaments.
“A Stronger Europe in a Changing World” focuses on how Europe is emerging stronger from the difficulties it has faced in recent times, and the potential of growth and success that lies ahead. It will also focus on the new global realities and challenges that are developing such as the Islamic State and increasing aggression from Russia against the free Western World. 
Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho and EPP President Joseph Daul have joined the representatives of the 58 member organisations on the 15th of May in Tecmaia, reaffirming their support to the biggest youth organisation in Europe. “If we fail, we will see division and hate emerge in Europe, as it is already appearing” mentioned PM Pedro Passos Coelho. “The youth of Europe are the best at thinking out of the box and you are our future, the future of Europe” was the message of EPP President Joseph Daul.
“We are back in Portugal 16 years after hosting our 2nd Congress here in 1999. YEPP, standing on the shoulder of giants, has grown stronger and bigger since and we are set to continue being the voice of the young Europeans who stand for a smaller and more effective state, a competitive, open and free market and a respect to the rule of law in our 28 member states” mentioned YEPP president Konstantinos Kyranakis.
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The Youth European People’s Party is the largest political youth organisation in Europe. It brings together over 1,6 million young people from 57 centre-right youth political organisations from 39 European countries. YEPP was founded in 1997. Website: https://youthepp.eu
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