We welcome the new Commission’s dedication to creating a Single Capital Market, breaking down the barriers that prevent cross-border investment and seamless access to finance throughout the 28 member states. Without a Capital Market Union, our businesses rely almost entirely on banking institutions for their funding and loans, missing out on a huge amount of available, non bank, private equity, such as venture capital, business angels and crowdfunding.
The 3 month consultation period between the Commission and European stakeholders begins this week and YEPP is committed to taking active part. The results of this “Green Paper” will create an Action Plan that the Commission will follow, identifying barriers to the Single Capital Market and knocking them down one by one.
A common element of our “Backing Small Business” and “ForStartups” campaigns has been opening up the capital market to European businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to take risks in order to see their ideas take life. Along with our 60 member organisations and the voice of more than 1 million of our young members, we will put forward policies for opening access to venture capital, crowdfunding, angel investments and all new forms of financing that today lie frozen between rules and regulations, in order to help startups and entrepreneurs to launch their ideas in Europe.