YEPP held its December Seminar, entitled “Youth Educational Programmes-Factor for Mobility of Students (Mobility Creates Opportunities)” in Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from the 2-5 December 2010. The seminar examined student mobility in its guise of facilitating integration. YEPP was honoured by speeches from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education, a Representative of KAS, numerous MP’s and academics during the short stay. YEPP was also welcomed in the country’s parliament.
In YEPP’s last seminar the topic was Enlargement and Integration on a general canvass. Now YEPP looked at a more specific case study context of this issue. The seminar discussions picked apart the specific repercussions of education and mobility in the context of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia where this is a very current debate. Impacts of these discussions touch both EU and non-EU countries in key policy areas, and, therefore, these topics interest all.
YEPP also held its customary working groups and board and council meetings in which it honed, amended and voted on working documents following these topics. YEPP was honoured to be hosted by YEPP observer member organization Youth Forces Union of VMRO-DPMNE.