Last week i had the chance to represent YEPP as a guest speaker to the EPP Workers Group Seminar in Poitiers, France, the city of the famous “Futurescope”. François Fillon, former Prime Minister of France and Stephan Pfluger from the Eurogroup were also in the panel and we had the opportunity to exchange some interesting thoughts on unemployment. Speaking from a youth point of view, the skyrocketing unemployment rates among young Europeans, i tried to bring up all our proposals for a pan-european solution and thoughts that we debated for Lisbon’s White Paper. It was very positive to see MEPs, high-level advisors and researchers to agree with most of our demands. 
This was just one of the few examples of YEPP being part of the public debate in the last months. Our input, our ideas, our contribution finally pays off. Not just on unemployment but in all fields that affect the youth in today’s crisis. Better education, economic growth, new opportunities are just a few goals that we are after. We are not the ones asking for “Youth Guarantees”, we are the ones asking for an opportunity to succeed. When all the doors are closed by the crisis keys, we think it’s time to open windows and look for alternatives.