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Csaba Domotor


“We cannot be the next generation if we take it for granted. No great generation was born without fighting hard for it. But I am optimistic. I believe you can be the next great generation, because YEPP is now much more than a group of talented individuals, it is now a great community of committed people willing to fight for each other.”


Dear Mr. President, Dear Friends,
In the past two years, EPP encouraged us to put forward new ideas. This was an opportunity YEPP could not let pass. So instead of a regular report full of self-appraisal, allow me to raise some political aims we should write on our flag in the coming years.
The first expression on the flag should be –not surprisingly- job creation. Further efforts are needed from our side. Especially as youth unemployment reached an alarming rate. We would like to see the extinction of newspaper titles about the jobless and lost generation. To achieve that, the legal burdens on labor have to be reduced by all means, while education systems should be more adjusted to the real demands of the market.
The second priority on the flag is debt reduction. We would urge EPP to continue to commit itself to further reduction of public debt, since this is another significant obstacle to Europe’s economic recovery, sometimes putting unbearable weight on our citizens, young and old alike.
The third word on our flag should be demography.  We have to put this issue back in the mainstream of the agenda. Maybe it’s a bit blunt, but with the current low birthrates, our countries cannot expect lasting economic stability and security. The protection of families therefore deserves a unique attention.


As the conflict in Syria seems to further escalate and a military intervention is more probable than just some weeks ago, it is worthwhile to look back on YEPP’s recent manifestation in the same issue.
During the summer school, held in Cyprus two weeks ago, YEPP delegates from 28 countries gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy to reject the violence that caused the death of more than 10.000 citizens so far.
While YEPP members held banners displaying the word ’freedom’ in many languages, I was given the opportunity to make a short speech about the Syrian situation. I emphasized that the EU and its member states have obligations in four major policy areas.


Some days ago, we took part in the EU - China young leaders forum in the European Parliament. Following the first meeting last year, it proved to be another round of good discussions.

In my intervention on behalf of YEPP I touched on four basic issues that could be the focus of the EU - China youth dialogue in the future. The first is economic stability and the fight against debts. Why? Because if Europe is struggling with an unprecedented level of indebtedness, that is bad news for China as well. Their economies are largely interconnected, therefore any economic hardships in Europe endanger the export prospects of Chinese companies (The fact that the EU is now the biggest export market for China, proves this assumption).

The second point to be discussed is demography. No lasting economic reboot is feasible without bearing in mind family policy aspects. Both in China and Europe, the population is ageing, which has serious consequences on social security systems. With no profound changes in demography trends, Europe will face difficulties to defend its more-or-less generous welfare system, while China will face difficulties to enhance welfare to the great majority of its vast population.


Some months ago, YEPP initiated a joint meeting of European party political youth organizations. Thanks to the European Youth Forum, the gathering was organized some days ago in Brussels.
Members of the Board from ECOSY (Young Socialists), LYMEC (Young Liberals), FYEG (Young Greens), JEF (Young Federalists), EDS (Students) and the Free Alliance were present to the debate. YEPP was represented by Juha-Pekka, Konstantinos and myself.


"Dear Mr. President, Dear Delegates,

This congress is rightly devoted to the need for renewal. We can only agree that the EPP has a clear commitment to give a new momentum to the European project. However, we also have to make it clear, that this is not possible without the support of the generations to follow.

The youth are among those who are most affected by the crisis in Europe. The rate of youth unemployment exceeded 20 percent, and we are largely exposed to the consequences of high public deficit. Let me recall that an average European citizen faces a debt of around 20.000 euros. That sum that to be paid back mostly by the future generations.

This is a heavy burden that might have serious consequences: political apathy or more openness to political extremism. Therefore, the proposals to fight against debts, the struggle for more financial discipline and the creation of new jobs is something that is very much in the interest of the future generations as well. Solidarity must prevail not just between countries, but also between generations.


Dear friends,

Welcome to the new website of the Youth of the European People's Party. Since its foundation in 1997, YEPP gradually became the biggest political organization for the European centre-right youth. It became a genuine meeting point for those committed to European integration and sharing our values: the rule of law, freedom, human dignity, preserving our traditions and the rejection of any kind of extremism.

YEPP provides continuous training for young centre-right activists, most of whom will play an active role in politics in the years to come. Within YEPP, young delegates also get to know the insights of EU decision making and the art of compromise. Besides this, YEPP is a well functioning network. It provides a permanent information flow in various political issues with special regard to best campaign practices.

Last, but not least, YEPP is a platform for policy making. We make our voice heard in most EU-related issues, especially when it comes to the interests of the youth. During the term of the current board, a special focus is being put on youth employment, economic governance, environment and human rights. We also take our share in fighting against political extremism within and beyond the European Union.