My political enthusiasm started when I was a child watching the news and recent debates before the elections and then later on with me being the only advocate for something other than the majority was supporting. I always had my own opinion and standed by it no matter how unbelievable it might seem. People always have more respect for the one who stands up and say something everyone else is too afraid to say.

There are things in life that I always try to follow, be grateful for every opportunity you get and make the most of it. You should always consider listening to the person who is speaking to you, you might learn something. In life you can’t skip stages, you should always climb the ladder. Slowly but surely – that’s my motto. My work experience started when I was 16 years old with a simple summer job at a cafe. But now, looking back I realize that that experience was very important because I learned how to be responsible, hard-working and patient. Now, looking back I recommend every teenager to start at the bottom and go step by step, from that you will appreciate others and develop your character.

With this experience I have become the first member of Yepp Board from my party and a representative of Slovenia after more than 10 years. I feel honoured and I can already feel how great this next two years will be!