Christina Balaska was born in Athens and raised in the southern suburbs of the city. She studied law at the Law School of Athens, earning her degree in 2015. During her studies, she received the Erasmus scholarship and studied for six months in the Law School of the University of Stockholm. In 2017 she earned her LL.M. degree in European Union Law from the Law School of Athens. An active advocate for the rights of young professionals in Greece, she is working as an Attorney at Law and Legal Consultant to one of the biggest Greek insurance companies in Athens, specialising in commercial and insurance law. Since her high school student years, Christina has always been actively involved in her environment. She joined ONNED as well as the student affiliated party, DAP-NDFK, in 2010. Since then, Christina has served in various positions and fields of responsibility in both organisations, at a local level (member of the local ONNED board of her hometown, responsible for women’s affairs) as well as centrally. Currently, she is the International Secretary of ONNED whilst previously she served on the YEPP Board as Vice-President for the 2017-2018 mandate.