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Mara Mares


During the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, which will include the time of the European elections, our role is not only to actively contribute to the strategic priorities of our Union for the 2019-2024 agenda, but also to safeguard and protect the way our collective interest closely follows our core European values.
Furthermore, in the next half a year, we will all witness Brexit coming into being. This remains a challenge for the entire Union, and we will surely attempt to contribute to an effective and fair course of actions.
But most importantly, TNL Romania bow has the unique opportunity to stand for a new and more thorough approach regarding the role and status of the younger generation across Europe. We will promote a secure and more predictable integration of young people; and we will advocate for a mobility which is driven solely by choice, and not by social or economic constrains.
On this note, youth unemployment is also a very important issue to be tackled, considering that nearly 5 million people below the age of 25, are jobless. The success of the Youth Employment Initiative is vital in order to handle this crucial problem. The economic crisis severely hit the young: at the end of 2017, the youth unemployment rate reached 16.2%.