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Benedict Pottering


The German Grand Coalition is about to vote in favor of a law which is increasing the retirement payments dramatically and will also reduce the retirement age to 63 if you have been for 45 in the statutory pension insurance scheme. The whole package will cost until 2030 Around 160 billion Euros. These is a burden especially the young generation has to carry. The statutory pension insurance scheme in Germany needs to be reformed to reinforce generational equity. Therefore we need a broad dialogue with all affected groups to make sure that also in 30 or 40 years the current young generation has a sufficient pension. Thiswill not be the case with the current decision ahead the German Government wants to make. The German Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Mrs Nahles has made these proposals which are unacceptable fort the young generation in Germany.

Benedict Poettering Junge Union European Youth Parliament Princeton University

At the European Youth Parliament at the Princeton University the participants of the working group EU-US Security: Assessment and Relations worked on a the topic of cyper security and its challanges in the 21st century and beyond. The WG prepared a policy proposal. The group consisted of people from the US, Germay, Italy, Sweden and Lithuania. YEPP people but also a Soicial Democrat where part of the group. We had interesting lectures and discussions with Princeton Professors like Prof. Wolfgang Danspeckgruber who is an expert on foreign policy and the Founding Director of the Lichtenstein Institute on Self-Determination who gave a impressive lecture on how strategic events can have a strong impact on the security architecture of states. Prof. Andrew Moravcsik as expert for US Politics and International Affairs was also available for a discussion with us.


Relating to the latent threat to freedom in the Middle East by radical Islamic terrorist organi-zations, Junge Union’s federal chairman Phillip Mißfelder MP states the following:
“The security of the state of Israel and its citizens are subject to a permanent threat from radical Islamic groups, who have openly called for the destruction of the Jewish State as a priority objective. More than 1,600 rockets were launched from Palestinian territory by terrorist groups toward Israel in the last year alone. The launch of two rockets fired by the Hezbollah in south Lebanon toward the Israeli capital Tel Aviv has just recently been prevented. This reveals Israel’s security threats and exposure to attack on multiple sides.
Radical Islamic Hezbollah verifiably uses the legal position in Europe to acquire money for ter-rorist activities and prepare attacks. In this regard, European states can no longer sit idly by! Therefore, the Junge Union calls for Hezbollah to be named on the EU list of terrorist organiza-tion, in order for the international community to boycott the group and deprive its financial base. Germany must seize the initiative and demand a collective position of European states against terrorism and against hate directed at the State of Israel.


Erbil. Visit in the northern part of Iraq. Hopefully the independent state of Kurdistan in the future. Meeting with Prime Minister Mr. Nechirvan Barzaniand, with the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament and H.E. the Chaldo-Assyrian Bishop to Ainkawa. I was impressed how safe and stable the situation seems to be. The regional government achieved a lot in only a few years. Many experiences collected about Iraq and the region.

Merkel Pöttering Junge Union Federal Board Poettering Benedict Berlin

Berlin. Also foreign policy was a hot topic during a discussion of Chancellor Merkel and the Federal Board of the Junge Union Deutschlands. I found it very useful and interesting to have the opportunity to ask and to listen to the Chancellor in the 1,5 hours lasting meeting in her office in Berlin. Chancellor Merkel stated the importance of a stable and reliable European fiscal policy and sees that in this field has been made progress but she also thinks, that there is still a long way to go. Also the situation in the Middle East was part of the discussion and the possibility that the conflict with Iran could become more serious. Mrs. Merkel made clear, that without any doubt, Germany is with Israel and supports its need to protect its boarders and people.


Estonia. The spring school of the IRL Noored took place in Taagepera, Estonia, close to the Latvian border. Youngster from the mother party IRL who is in the government coalition in Estonia, where present. Vice President of YEPP, Benedict Pöttering, used the opportunity in his speech to give the young participants an overview about the YEPP structure and activities. In the following discussion the young Estonians wanted to know more from the YEPP representative about youth unemployment, the relations of YEPP to Russian organizations and also how big the influence and impact of YEPP is with regard to the mother party EPP and european governments and societies. After the spring school Benedict continued with his visit in Estonia and attended a seminar of the Pro Patria Foundation ( related to the IRL) with the topic "the future of conservatism".

Alexander Milinkewitsch and Vice President of YEPP Benedict Pöttering Marseille

Alexander Milinkewitsch and Vice President of YEPP Benedict Pöttering

France. During the Congress of the mother party of YEPP, the EPP, in Marseille members of the YEPP have had plenty opportunities to meet and talk to various political leaders and strong personalities also of non EU countries. During a short chat with Aljaksandr Milinkewitsch, one of the leading persons of the opposition in Belarus, Benedict reassured Aljaksandr Milinkewitsch that YEPP supports the opposition movement in Belarus and especially the young people who are fighting for human rights and freedom in their country day by day.